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In today's business world everyone is searching for the most effective way to reduce the time it takes to manage and store paper files. Document imaging is a way to keep your files accessible and at your fingertips twenty four hours a day seven days a week along with a backup in case of emergencies. In today's technology age, it is more efficient to have your documents at the touch of your finger. Having to look for paper documents can cut-down on efficiencies, companies and their staff need to focus on the bottom line and not hunting for documents. DocScan allows your staff to have access to all paper documents in an electronic format and each document is searchable and indexed. Import documents to your company's intranet or securely place them on corporate services, DocScan gives you the flexibility to take control of your paper documents.

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DocScan, LLC Services

By digitizing files it makes it quick and easy to find any file now stored off site or in boxes without the time and expense incurred in their retrieval or worse the reconstruction of lost or misplaced files. Digital files are searchable by using a key word.

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Benefits of DocScan Services

• Completely confidential and secure
• Instant file retrieval
• Reduces, labor, cuts cost, saves time
• No more misfiled or lost documents
• indexing can be done in different ways to make it match your current filing methods

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Document Efficiencies

• No more off site storage fees
• Free pickup and delivery
• Compacted and easily stored
• No software or hardware to lease or purchase
• we scan any hand written notes, pictures, receipts, envelopes and also file folders if there is any writing on it, we scan it

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Why Digital Documents Work!

• We scan and convert files and delete any blank pages
• You don't have to do a thing to prepare you files prior to us picking them up. We remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands or anything needed to enable us to scan each page including binders

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Letter/Legal 15X12X10

Letter/Legal Box 15X12X10 - $50/Box

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Large Letter/Legal 24X12X10

Large Letter/Legal Box 24X12X10 - $75/Box

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